As the owner of GoToHome, and a licensed Broker since 1996 with over $600M in brokered loans funded to date, I know the relationships between Home Buyer, sellers, Realtor, and Lender are crucial to the success of every Real Estate Transaction.

This is why GoToHome exists. We’ve assembled some of the best Realtors and Loan Officers in California by region (city) and made the process of navigating through way too many to chose from by featuring only a few in each city.

Why should Realtors and Loan Officers Sign up with GoToHome? It’s a great question because there are so many marketing choices to consider. For starters, every Realtor and Loan Officer is easily found without Home Sellers and Home Buyers having to navigate through hundreds or even thousands of potential options. This is because GoToHome features a single Realtor and a single Loan Professional in each city.

This allows us to put and keep each Realtor and Loan Officer on the home page of the city they are featured in. No Scrolling. We also help keep our members relevant through our Social Media brand including written articles, listings, that further help to promote you. The exclusive list of our members allows for a regional network sharing opportunity between realtors, Loan officers, Home Owners, Buyers, and Sellers.

GoToHome and our different marketing approaches make things simple, concise, and cost-effective.  No Pay Per Click Fees or long terms contracts.