It’s a Good Time to Buy a Home.

Interest rates are rising fast. No time to waste!

It’s still a great time to buy a home in Orange County, California however, if you have thought about buying a home you better act fast because interest rates have gone up about a full percent in recent months and it looks like they will continue to rise for the rest of this year and into next year.

How Rising Interest Rates effect a Home Buyer

As rates go up, so too do mortgage payments.  And if home prices continue to rise (basic economics of supply and demand; limited homes available for sale with many home buyers = higher prices), this doubles the pressure to act before it get’s out of site out of mind.

And Rents are going up as well. This adds a lot of pressure for a prospective home buyer. Buyer’s should be aware of one very important thing:
Interest rate will continue to move up and down.  The point here is that regardless of when one may purchase a home, the odds are the loan they obtain to  purchase the home will likely not be their ‘Loan for Life’.  Most first time buyers only think of it that way. Fact is, when rates adjust and are lower than
the rate they currently have, they can refinance into a lower rate and lower their payments*. 

Another reason to shop for a buy a home before the end of this year are the incentives being offered right now:

  • Waiving the appraisal requirement, OR
  • Have it reimbursed on all loans originated and closed through the end of 2018 through affiliated mortgage company
    GoToHome Realty & Loan

How to get started?  Start The Loan Process With Us

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*must apply for a qualify for a new loan.  We can check your qualifications when the time comes.