Same Day Loan Approval

The big banks have tons of money to advertise but they cannot compete…

It remains a mystery to me that retail banks continue to rack up customers when it is the Mortgage Broker that offers

  • More Loan Options
  • Speedy Process
  • Fully Licensed Loan Brokers and Loan Officers, most of which are self-employed and very dedicated to their profession V.  Bank Employees with far less certification and work on a true time clock
  • Lockable Quotes Over the Phone. Banks simply cannot compete with this

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We use only the BEST Of The BEST wholesale mortgage companies to help assure a smooth process and competitive rates. GO TO | HOME and it’s affiliate – Black Ink Mortgage assures you Direct Access to a Licensed BROKER, not a salesperson. Your application will not sit on a Loan Officer or Processor’s Desk
in a holding pattern – Guaranteed!

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