The Realtor BLACK LIST

Realtors are an important asset to every person looking to sell their home. They can streamline the process of buying a home, make sure the home seller gets a fair price, and save home sellers a lot of time and trouble. They act as an aid for the home seller when negotiating with a bank.


Similarly, realtors can also make a home sellers’ life a nightmare. A bad realtor can delay deadlines, take advantage of a home seller and their money, and reduce the exposure of the home seller’s house on the market. Ultimately, a bad relator could even fail to sell a house.


This is why it is crucial to get a good realtor.  Websites like gives credit to those Realtors with outstanding dedication, commitment to the trade, honesty, and integrity the honor they deserve.  Just because a Realtor is not published on such websites does not necessarily mean that Realtor is ‘bad’ but these sites do show reviews, ratings and some are completely open-source meaning, you are not required to register or sign in to get ahold of any of these Realtors; their contact info is displayed on the sites as well.



The Damage a Bad Realtor Can Do


Bad realtors can do a lot of harm in some of the most crucial moments of selling a house. One case that happens a lot is that bad relators will interfere with the loan process by switching away from a current loan broker. This causes anxiety on the home seller and home buyer’s side, and in some cases can even make the deal fall through.


Of course, the deal falling through is the worst-case scenario, but nothing every good comes from switching from a loan broker who has already started their job. It can make the home seller look flaky, and the loan broker may be less likely to work with them in the future. There is one thing loan brokers like, and that’s following through.


What Makes a Good and Bad Realtor?


A good buyer’s agent can be hard to come by, but most of the issues that come out face buyers more often than sellers. Here are some things home sellers can look out for when it comes to finding a good one:

  • Look for a well-known relator
  • Look for a realtor who has experience
  • Sit and talk with a realtor before agreeing to anything
  • Review them online


Unfortunately, bad relators are easy to find. However, there are some telltale signs to look out for when it comes to these types of relators:

  • No track record
  • Bad online reviews
  • Not willing to hear the needs of the home seller
  • No relationships with anyone in the real estate business


The Blacklist


Truthfully, these quick tips are not a catch-all. There are a lot of realtors who know that they are bad and will try to cover up the fact that they are so they continue taking advantage of even the most diligent home sellers. This reason is why I have decided to make a blacklist of my own. While I do not promote it nor will I share their names as this could be ground for legal trouble,  As a Licensed Broker specializing in Home Loans, there is a great need to work together, Loan Broker and Realtor, for the benefit of the Home Buyer and Home Seller. But I shy away from soliciting the ‘bad’ Realtors and only promote those I have either had the pleasure of working with and found their ethics and dealings with our clients to be both honest, ethical and overall, a good experience or those I’ve done research on reviewing their history, reviews, and overall customer satisfaction.