Working With The Best Huntington Realtors

Named the ‘Best City to Live In’ by the Orange County Register and home to the ‘Best Beach of California’ according to USA Today, Huntington Beach has proven to be the idyllic setting to make a home for many. Eight miles of pristine wide beaches, wonderfully sunny weather, and large Pacific Ocean swells, make this a paradise for those that love outdoor fun. 

With a booming economy, low crime rate, and a wide array of shopping and dining establishments, it is no wonder that Huntington Beach continues to see a steady influx of new residents. However, with any new move, it is always best to have a professional on hand to help find the right home. 

Why Hire a Realtor

Good knowledge of the local market is necessary when having a shopping list of requirements. Only the best Huntington realtors can help find the ideal location with the desired amenities close by. Just as with other cities, Huntington Beach has different neighborhoods with their own unique profiles. Finding the right fit, when new to the area, is difficult unless you have help from a local. 

A local realtor can still be a big help even if you have already identified a house. From determining the fair market value of the property to negotiating price, a professional can help ensure you are making a good investment at a reasonable cost. There is also the upside of having someone informed go over the paperwork and ensure that every legal loophole is sealed. 

If the home needs some work, or if there is some uncertainty as to the condition of the property, connections to local contractors and inspectors can help ensure it is brought up to the desired level and thoroughly checked for any issues. A good local realtor can help provide you access to such professionals. 

How to Pick Out the Best Huntington Realtors

If possible, it is a good idea to start close to home. Personal recommendations of Huntington realtors from family, friends, and workmates that have bought or sold property in the area can be useful. Where this is not available, use online resources. There are many online platforms where Huntington Beach realtors have been assessed, including Zillow, Redfin, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Try to identify those that specialize in the particular neighborhoods and property values you are interested in. 

Shortlist the candidates and reach out to them. Ask for client referrals. These should be their most recent deals, in the neighborhoods under consideration and within your estimated price range. Make a comparison of the asking price and eventual closing price to get a feel of their understanding of the market, and negotiating skills. 

Also, pay attention to how they interact with you. The rapport you establish is an indication of how your relationship will work going forward and how they likely deal with other clients. Ensure you check on the current state of their license and credentials with the National Association of Realtors California Bureau of Real Estate. 

Our Top Picks



With over 21 years of experience in the real estate business, Terry has become a well-recognized face in Huntington Beach, Westminster, and surrounding areas. His knowledge of the local market and the inventories in the Orange County neighborhoods is unparalleled, allowing him to make quick work of finding suitable housing options for his clients.  

A strong communicator, Terry keeps his clients well informed as deals progress. His courteous nature and excellent working knowledge have made him a favorite on the local property scene. Expect detailed and practical advice, with a quick close once you identify what you want. 



A veteran of the Huntington Beach real estate market with over 20 years experience, Jody has earned a solid reputation in professionally and quickly handling the sale and purchases of numerous properties. Her talented team has successfully executed transactions exceeding over $1 billion within the Orange County area, with a focus on the luxury market. Well known for their excellent marketing skills, they go to great lengths to ensure Huntington Beach homes for sale are presented in the best light. 

Jody takes client service seriously and has continued to work hard in ensuring every deal is completed to the satisfaction of all parties. Her dedication, knowledge, and professionalism ensure clients get to enjoy the experience and will want to seek her out for their next real estate investment.  



With a strong professional background in marketing and real estate investment, Sandy has grown to become one of the top realtors in Huntington Beach in recent years. Her strong work ethic and understanding of contracts have been a boon to clients looking to better understand the local market and the legal ramifications of real estate transactions. 

As one of the top real estate agents at Star Real Estate, she has managed to maintain a strong sales record for both new and repeat clients. She takes the time needed to ensure clients understand the market they are entering into, and how to navigate it. 



A consummate professional, Garrett has earned a reputation for offering a highly personalized service to his clients. He limits time wastage by ensuring that any viewings arranged, match the needs and desires of buyers as precisely as possible.

For sellers, he offers a comprehensive service including detailed marketing plans, in-depth research to ensure proper pricing, and technical support for handling legal paperwork and negotiations with agents. Easily one of the top realtors in the Orange County area, he has handled numerous deals for Huntington Beach properties and in the luxury market segment particularly. A good choice if you prefer to keep your property unlisted.