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On a Financial Statement, the use of  the term “in the Black refers to being financially solvent or profitable. Conversely, “in the red” means to be in debt.  Something ‘Inked In’ is something permanent as opposed to using a pencil with markings that can be erased.  

When you work with Black Ink Mortgage, you are working with a Mortgage Broker with an outstanding reputation for always looking out for the client’s best interest in helping you obtain the best quality loan available (IE, lowest rates at lowest cost).

At Black Ink Mortgage, we do not offer loans that we do not believe in and would not accept ourselves.

“It’s one thing to simply serve our client’s needs for a quick transaction. The key to success lies within our relationships with our clients.  Buying, Selling, Financing and Refinancing a home is likely the largest financial decision a person our couple will make over the lifetime and it should not be treated with anything less than full attention to detail and white gloves throughout the process. We strive for customer satisfaction and will always put that ahead of anything else we do”.

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From Purchasing your first home to Refinancing to lower your rate to Cash Out for any reason, we'll tailor your loan to fit your goals while always looking for the best possible rate and terms available on the market.  We offer a Quick Quote 

that is Lockable over the phone. 

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