Test Find Me A Buyer

Test Find me A Buyer

Selling your home is not an easy process to go through. It is recommended that you obtain a professional licensed Realtor to market your home and handle all of the necessary paperwork. While we are huge proponents with this recommendation, we recognize that everyone has a choice in how to sell and who to hire for help with the ultimate goal of selling your home as efficiently and as profitable to you as possible.

As a Best of the Best REALTOR Directory, it is our job to not only showcase the Best Realtors in each Local area, but to offer you alternative methods of selling your home with little effort on your behalf. We would never blame an owner for trying to save money by selling their home on their own but it’s a pretty huge challenge.

Introducing the very BEST Alternative to Marketing Your Home utilizing ALL of OC|RealtorDIRECT’s Top Agents in your city working to find
you a buyer while keeping your property and personal information off the internet and away from nosy neighbors. All this help without having
to pay extra for typical MLS Listing services!

HomeOFFER123: A sellers alternative to keeping their Home For Sale Private

With HomeOFFER123!, you pay a TOTAL FEE of 3% which includes BOTH sides of the transaction. This is a savings of potentially tens of thousands in real estate commissions and you would not have had to deal with Open Houses, nosy neighbors and wasting your time with unqualified buyers.

*typical real estate commission for both sides is between 4-6% of the Selling Price. On a selling price of $800,00 that’s a savings potential of $8,000 to $24,000!

The Benefit: Privacy & Cost Savings

Your home will be marketed by ALL of our Top Featured Realtors in the city where your home is located. They will let their buyers know that they have an unpublished home for sale in the area their buyers are looking to purchase. Non MLS posting means you and your home will not be publicly visible, restricting the listing information so as to totally preserve your privacy. We’ll include a tidbit of your home along with a photo or two if you send to us. The address and your name will not be disclosed.

The listing will simply state ‘There is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home for sale in a (area) neighborhood at a $800,000. Call or email for a chance to purchase before this property potentially goes on the open market”.

All inquires are first pre-screened through our Loan Department at Black Ink Mortgage for Pre-Approval. If qualified, the potential buyer is then passed back to the Realtor who will notify you of the Pre-Approved Buyer prospect.

When an offer is received

  • Buyer must go through an initial pre-screening process. This includes a verification of their assets and loan qualification to assure they are financially able to purchase your home
  • Once we have determined they are qualified to present an offer, your agent will then be notified.
  • Your Agent will reach out to you to discuss the Prospective Buyer’s offer

Accept or Decline the Offer

It’s up to you. You can either accept the offer or decline it. If accepted, your Realtor will prepare the necessary Purchase Contract for both you and the Buyer.

Once you and your buyer have signed the acceptance, escrow will be opened. Once closed, you agree to pay a service fee equal to 2% of the Selling Price only if No Other Realtor Fees!

Your Realtor will handle all of the details from start to finish including: opening of escrow, working with your buyer’s loan company, working with you and the buyer with any inspections and any issues that may come up.